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What are you waiting for? You are one step away from getting a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated!

Dr Backhaus Natural sleeping tablets

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Dr Backhaus natural sleeping tablets are the alternative to those highly addictive prescription sleeping tablets.

Get to sleep quickly with Dr Backhaus natural sleeping tablets and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Dr Backhaus natural sleeping tablets have no side-effects, are non-addictive and have proven ingredients, that get you to sleep and make you feel refreshed the following day.

The powerful formulation of Dr Backhaus natural sleeping tablets


A lot of people think that Melatonin is a natural sleeping supplement – this is not the case. Melatonin on its own will not induce sleep to any great extent. It is better to think of Melatonin as a “darkness detective”. In other words it tells your brain that you need to get ready for the night time or the darkness period of the day.

What this means is that if you take Melatonin at night or whenever its dark, Melatonin will crank up the sleep process.

It can even tell your body clock to move your normal sleeping time to an earlier time.

Melatonin was the base ingredient we added to start the Dr Backhaus natural sleeping tablets formulation.

Valerian root is next.

Ingredient per capsule – Melatonin 4mg

Valerian root

Most people have heard of Valerian root, it is probably the common ingredient used in dietary supplements for insomnia and anxiety. Valerian goes back many centuries – the Greeks and Romans (and they knew a thing or two) used it for insomnia.

So how does Valerian work? Scientists think it softly increases the levels of the chemical known as GABA in the brain. This chemical provides a calming effect on the brain and body.

So far you have read about the 2 powerhouse ingredients Melatonin and Valerian root. Next is GABA.

Ingredient per capsule – Valerian extract (root) 75mg


Being an amino acid Gaba is the chemical messenger in your brain. The body uses Gaba to reduce the nerve action inside your brain, which then leads to a feeling of calm, restfulness and relaxation.

There are many prescription sleeping tablets that work by expanding the numbers of GABA in your brain. Some natural sedative herbs, such as Valerian, also work by increasing GABA.

This is sounding very logical now. The next is L-theanine.

Ingredient per capsule – GABA 50mg


L-theanine is a derivative from the tea leaf and is a calming and non-dietary amino acid found only in teas from the Camellia Sinensis.  This amino acid helps to relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect on the body without drowsiness.

Research has shown L-theanine to be a very effective natural sleeping supplement.

Now you are understanding how these powerful sleep inducing ingredients, combined, have a logical natural sleeping tablets formulation?

The next ingredient in these natural sleeping tablets is Chamomile.

Ingredient per capsule – L-Theanine 100mg


The majority of people have drunk a cup of chamomile tea, over 1 million cups are drunk every day!

Chamomile extract – is widely recognized, especially in the USA, as a sleep-inducer and gentle tranquilizer.

Moreover let’s take a look at what we added next – Lemon balm

Ingredient per capsule – Chamomile extract (whole plant)  75mg

Lemon balm

Since the Middle Ages – lemon balm has been used as a memory boosting, anti-insomnia and anti-anxiety nootropic.

Lemon balm is a relaxing herb that helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Lemon balm also promotes a good night’s sleep, improve the appetite, and even ease pains.

After the lemon balm we added Passion flower.

Ingredient per capsule – Lemon balm extract (whole plant) 50mg

Passion flower

For many centuries, experts have used passion flower for its sleep-inducing properties. They have often formulated Passion flower with other sleep-hypnotic herbs such as Valerian and Hops. Moreover doctors have traditionally used it for treating anxiety and insomnia. Recent studies have shown that passion flower has improved the quality of sleep and the length of time slept.

Let’s take a look at the next ingredient Hops.

Ingredient per capsule – Passion flower extract (whole plant) 50mg

Hops extract

The German Commission E authorizes the using of hops for “sleep disturbances and discomfort due to anxiety or restlessness”. The German Commission is the equivalent of the FDA.

Hops extract is a mild sedative and only really work well when formulated with other herbs such a Valerian.

We are nearly there. The last product to enter the mix is 5-HTP

Ingredient per capsule – Hops extract (flower) 50mg


5-HTP increases the production of Serotonin on the central nervous system. Additionally the herbal industry has used it for several diseases where experts believe that Serotonin plays a significant role in helping with insomnia, depression, obesity, etc.

Ingredient per capsule – 5-HTP (Griffonsia Simplicifolio) 10mg

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Sleep deprived? Take a U-turn and choose natural sleeping tablets instead

Do you feel drowsy all throughout the day and experience loss of appetite? You might be a victim of a drug overdose and possibilities predict that chemical sleeping tablets might be the reason for the same. You need to get out of this mess that sleeping tablets have incurred on you. It’s only a matter of time until you might get into serious trouble, like permanent disability or mental turbulence. A safer way out is getting rid of pills containing chemical compounds and opting for natural sleeping tablets.

What are natural sleeping tablets and how are they safer?

Natural ingredients like certain herbs and shrubs are safer alternatives to chemical based pills. Patients suffering from varying levels of insomnia often complain about chronic pain in certain parts of the body. Complaints of occasional sleep walking and excessive snoring are common. Remember that sleep is one of the processes that your body needs to rejuvenate itself and prepare for next day’s work.

Imagine keeping your workstation switched on for an entire day with no breaks. Not only does it go hot, but it also works its charm on melting the delicate parts of peripherals. Your body works quite the same way. Loss of sleep is common in the US and all over the world. And most patients resort to chemical drugs to cure that, but in vain.

Unlike natural sleeping tablets, chemical drugs are based on sedative hypnotic genre of medicines. Like most chemicals, the half-life of these is pretty longer which implies that it takes longer hours to get through its effect completely. Heard of chamomile or lemon balm? Natural ingredients like these calm your mind and let you sleep peacefully. They act like a catalyst which speed up the reaction (sleep in this case) but do not react themselves.

Prescribed sleep aids

Most of the chemical sleeping aids available act on brain receptors and loosen the nerves. In other words, they work the same way in which addictive drugs do. Benzodiazepines might lead to behavioral changes on prolonged usage because they affect the central nervous systems.

4 reasons why you should avoid benzodiazepines based sleeping tablets

In the first place, chemical sleeping tablets result in an overall delayed performance throughout the day. Furthermore a few reasons why doctors and sleep therapists who care for your well-being ask you to shift to natural sleeping tablets are listed below:

  • Continued dependence:

Insomnia patients tend to continue depending on chemical based pills. A point comes when you cannot sleep at all without consuming them. Patients also complain of rebound insomnia and other withdrawal symptoms when they try staying away from them.

  • Overall sluggishness:

One of the chief disadvantages of chemical compounds is that their prolonged usage makes you sluggish. Unlike that of using natural sleeping tablets, it is as terrible as getting up from a lousy hangover. Also your hands and feet go numb, and your eyelids refuse to keep open.

  • Decrease in effectiveness:

Once your body gets into the habit of these otc sleeping tablets, chances are high that you might not want it to leave. This however reduces its effectiveness in dealing with sleep loss. In addition brain receptors quickly intercept the regularity in their effects and negate them every night.

  • Depression and over stressing

Stress might take a toll on your regular sleep habits. Drugs like amitriptyline and trazodone fight depression which might induce sleep. But in reality antidepressants make you pale and might play with your pressure levels. By switching to natural sleeping tablets which are natural antidepressants and cause no harm.

Things to remember while choosing the right sleeping pill for you

Patients suffering from anxiety disorders and potential schizophrenics resort to sedative hypnotics based chemicals to aid in a better sleep. However, that does not cure their case, rather worsens it.  It is easier for the body to react to changes when they occur for the first time. But in the long run, it gets used to it. Chemical based sleeping drugs interfere with body’s natural functions and in extreme cases, mental disabilities might crop up.

To make the best of both worlds switch to natural sleeping tablets and by natural, manufacturers mean using natural ingredients. Not only are these sleep aids harmless but also are not addictive. But what do they do that chemical drugs don’t?

To clarify this question, makers of natural sleeping tablets take the help of nature and install everything that’s nice. In other words, it lets you rest in silent slumber with zero lags. In the long run, it helps fight depression and anxiety, allows you to concentrate and instills the feeling of confidence.

But how?

Your body releases a specific set of chemicals called melatonin which help in improving the sleep/wake cycles. Well, natural sleep aids help in better secretion of melatonin sleep aid and ensure better functioning of the neuron-receptors. 4 reasons why you should consider taking natural sleeping tablets to sleep:

  • Improving the sleep/wake cycle thus regulating the hours of sleep.
  • Helps combat negative thoughts and lessen drowsiness.
  • Better responses to stimuli and an overall calming of the mind.
  • Non-interference with regular medication schedules.

In the final analysis, consider the long term effects of complex benzene compounds on your body. They break the natural processes and put you into a state of virtual comatose. So why ruin when you can enjoy peaceful sleep? Consider a change in your sleeping tablet regime, throw the chemical drugs. Opt for the best over the counter sleep aid from Dr Backhaus the #1 natural sleeping tablets and gift yourself a peaceful sleep.