Sleep remedies provided by natural sleeping pills

Suppose, you wake up in the morning with gloomy red eyes; your eyelids are feeling heavy, and every muscle in your body is aching. As a chronic insomniac, a droopy eyelid on any other morning might have been normal to you. But muscle aches even after consuming your prescribed drug leaves you flabbergasted. What actually happened? In all probabilities, you have fallen victim to one of the side effects of these prescribed drugs. Therefore, you need to find sleep remedies and this where the concept of otc sleep aids come into the picture.

Natural or herbal sleeping pills aid in 6-8 hours of deep sleep making you relaxed, rejuvenated and stress-free. Now, since you have known the solution to insomnia, you must be getting ready to hurry down the corridor and grab a herbal product from that corner store. But wait. First get to know the real cause of insomnia and how an herbal pill fulfills that deficit to provide sleep remedies.

The miracle of melatonin

The pineal gland of humans produces a hormone called melatonin. Its main function is to maintain sleep cycles. Once the sun goes down, the pineal gland starts producing this hormone and mixes with the blood. 9 P.M. is considered to be a standard time for Melatonin hyperactivity.

As a result, successive hours make you less active and more sleepy. This hormone stays put for around 12 hours – more precisely until the sun is up again. During daytime, Melatonin levels are rarely detectable. Noteworthy is lower Melatonin production in body causes insomnia and natural sleeping pills fulfill this exact deficit.

How do natural sleeping pills provide sleep remedies?

In combination with extracts of chamomile and hops, natural sleep aids use Melatonin in their products which fill up your body deficit and promote a healthy and sound sleep. In other words, it provides sleep remedies by giving us back the element which belongs to a human body. No added chemicals; no added drugs.

To aid in this rejuvenating process, these over the counter herbal pills use Valerian roots. Over 60% doctors claim that, Valerian reduces the time to fall asleep and even prevents morning drowsiness.

A recent study conducted by Foellinge Health Center, Sweden, over 44% participants reported more than perfect sleep and around 89% reported an improve in sleep patterns. Valerian roots are often combined with herbs such as lemon balm (Melissa Officianalis) which acts as a catalyst to melatonin refueling and accounts for those “good night” sleeps.

Added benefits of valerian roots and melatonin

  • Valerian and melatonin have been found to have a positive impact on blood pressure.
  • They have proved to be useful in treating muscular spasms, cramps, and anxiety.
  • In addition to providing sleep remedies, melatonin has also shown positive effects on Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and even cancer.

Therefore, it can be seen that Melatonin not only provides sleep aids but also keeps away several life threatening and long term diseases. Natural sleeping pills help you to have a sound sleep and are much needed owing to our daily schedule. Moreover, irregular sleeping habits impair body metabolism. This can lead to obesity which in turn can lead to heart problems.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to give yourself that required amount of rest which your body deserves after a long day. In this respect, reliable companies like Dr Backhaus over the counter sleep aid provides a perfect blend of melatonin and valerian roots in their products which provides the much required sleep remedies. Therefore, if you reading this with a droopy eyelid, do not delay. Get your sound sleep back with these natural sleeping pills.

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