Dr Backhaus Melatonin 4mg Sleeping Tablets x 120 Capsules

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Dr Backhaus Melatonin 4mg x 120 Capsules

Dose: 1 – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: £45.99 less 15% discount £38.99

Dr Backhaus created a precise amalgamation of naturally vital ingredients, which help to revitalize the body’s depleting melatonin levels, thereby helping to restore a more natural sleep-wake cycle.

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Dr Backhaus Melatonin 4mg Sleeping Tablets x 120 Capsules

Dose: 1 – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: £45.99 less 15% discount £38.99

Dr Backhaus created a precise amalgamation of naturally vital ingredients, which help to revitalize the body’s depleting melatonin levels, thereby helping to restore a more natural sleep-wake cycle.

This Dr Backhaus formulation contains in every capsule the following natural ingredients:

Melatonin 4mg

Valerian extract (root) 75mg

Passion flower extract (whole plant) 50mg

Chamomile extract (whole plant) 75mg

GABA 50mg

L-Theanine 100mg

Lemon balm extract (whole plant) 50mg

5-HTP (Griffonsia Simplicifolio) 10mg

Hops extract (flower) 50mg

25 reviews for Dr Backhaus Melatonin 4mg Sleeping Tablets x 120 Capsules

  1. Barbara

    My colleagues recommended these sleeping tablets to me after the death of my partner. One has to say they have kept me sane!!
    I rang the customer service department, which transpires is in Madrid, and my questions were answered. 5 Star rating I am giving this. Oh by the way I got delivery in 48 hours via DPD to London.

  2. Luke Small

    A real life saver for me, has allowed me to sleep properly and regain my strength, I recommend this product, it works

  3. Peter Barnes

    I work as banker which us very stressful and I struggle with sleeping and stress, Dr Backhaus sleeping aid has totally helped me with me stress and sleep and I have no side effect 10 / 10

  4. Dwayne Pedersen

    This is by far the best I have tried and recommend Dr Backhaus sleeping tablets, I have over many years tried various remedies and nothing compares to this, I went in to a doze and then a deep sleep, it 100% works

  5. Jackson Fylde

    By far the best natural supplement for my insomnia that I have taken, they have the formulation right, a very happy customer

  6. Alan Smith

    As you get older, you need less sleep, but the need to visit the bathroom increases.

    The weird thing with these Dr Backhaus sleeping tablets is that you wake up when you get the urge.

    Then on returning to bed you actually get off to sleep quick. Your eyes just want to close.

    Could you ask Dr Backhaus if he is willing to give any discount to our senior community?

    Thank you

    Alan Smith

  7. Maria Holzman

    Overall I am very happy, a satisfying service from this company, prompt delivery and the results of the sleeping pills is 10 /10

  8. Louise Smith

    I was uncertain to take any sleeping pills, but seeing other reviews and personal recommendations I decided to buy Dr Backhaus sleeping pills.

    The reason I did not want to take any sleep medication was that most do make you feel groggy.

    This is not the case with Dr Backhaus.

    Great herbal sleeping tablets. 5 stars.

  9. Jane Kononova

    The Kirkland sleeping pills are a antihistamine sleeping product which is famous for making you very drowsy. Unlike the Dr Backhaus sleeping pills which are natural ingredients that have no drowsiness and as it says no hangover effect next morning.

  10. Lousie Dean

    Where I live the sun can shine for over 20 hours a day and sleeping is a big problem, now I can sleep a whole night and I feel Great ! I will be telling my friends about it and would like to Thank You for your wonderful service and product

  11. Debbie Wilde

    I have been struggling sleeping and did not want to end up like my friend who now has an addiction for Zopiclone sleeping tablets, so I researched what the best alternative is and the ingredients for an over the counter sleeping aid, and I came across Dr Backhaus I must say yes it works and works well I would recommend it to anybody who is reading my review.

  12. Jack Harding

    For many years I have been taking sleeping tablets, so of them work and some are just to addictive, some leaving me tired all day, Dr Backhaus works for me and I have plenty of energy the next day to do my job

  13. Catherine Absalom

    I have been an insomniac for over 30 years and these Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills get me to sleep for a few hours. Which is more than can be said for all the other sleeping pills I have used. Great product and the packaging is pleasing to the eye.

  14. Mary

    Delivery to New Zealand was excellent. On the first night I only took one of the Dr Backhaus sleep pills which was insufficient. The next and following nights I took 2 sleep pills and have slept for a good 6-7 hours on most nights. These are the most effective sleeping pills I have ever tried.

  15. Helen Tew

    This is not the first Melatonin sleep aid I have tried, but hey on using it is very satisfactory in getting me and my husband to sleep. I sent a question via this “Ask a question” section knowing if I could buy this locally in Los Angeles?

  16. Cath Howe

    I travel due to my job and am constantly entering different time zones around the world, a friend I work with recommenced a natural sleeping tablet, I can honestly say this has helped me regain my energy and sleep like a baby. Thank You

  17. Ruben Miles

    By far the best over the counter sleep aid out there, don’t know why but it works perfect for me and my wife

  18. Gary O Conner

    A natural sleeping pill that works, increases the amount of hours that I sleep, a Good Product

  19. Richard

    I have tried the rest this is the best

  20. Dwayne (verified owner)

    It Works, I would 100% recommend this Dr Backhaus sleeping aid, I get to sleep easy and wake up feeling great.

  21. Karen Smythe;

    I started working shifts over 15 months ago and have never been able to get into a regular sleep pattern. Now I have one. Great work Dr Backhaus 🙂 Thanks a million.

  22. Nicola Bird (verified owner)

    Great packaging and the sleeping pills are very good.

  23. Max (verified owner)

    I was fed up of using prescription tablets and the side effects they have, so looking around I found Dr Backhaus and decided to try them, it works ! my sleep pattern is now normal and I have more energy from this natural product,I would recommend this product without hesitation

  24. Lawernce

    Dr Backhaus works better then all the over products I have tried, I work up with plenty of energy and not feeling groggy and tired

  25. Oliver Dik

    A good natural sleeping tablet In am very happy with, I rate this product 10 / 10 and for delivery and customer and results of the sleeping tablets.

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