Over the counter sleeping pills – To opt or not to opt

What is the most common problem people are facing presently? Insomnia! Yes, it is taking a toll on people’s health, and they are facing a lot of problems. If you were not aware, then let me share the American Sleep Poll statistics more than 180 million adults and 2 million children (below 15 years of age) are suffering from lack of sleep. This calls for major help and aid to resolve this issue. It is then that people started taking over the counter sleeping pills.

At first, it was prescribed drugs like Valium (diazepam) and Xanax (alprazolam) most commonly. However, people taking those drugs started facing many problems. It was almost like sleep was costing them too much. There was a dizzy feeling all day long and also the body hormonal balance faced disruption. To top it all, patients were getting addicted to these drugs. Moreover, all these called for a better substitute or over the counter sleeping pills.

Some facts about over the counter sleeping pills that you should know

1# More than 60% of people in America who were using prescribed drugs now has shifted to over the counter sleep remedies.

2# This best sleep aid is approved by the health and medical organization. Moreover, the doctors also suggest taking these pills over prescribed drugs.

3# Unlike other sleeping pills, children can also take over the counter sleeping pills.

4# These are 85% more readily available than prescribed drugs.

5# Herbal otc sleeping pills are vegan capsules.

6# People can take over the counter sleeping pills even when they are on other medication.

7# OTC pills are often used to cure anxiety and depression.

8# This over the counter sleep aid will help you to sleep for 8 hours and wake up without feeling dizzy.

9# People use it as a headache cure.

10# These pills also encourages melatonin production (the hormone responsible for sleep) from the pineal gland.

Now that you know these facts, there are few more that will help you to realize that the best otc sleep aid is the best choice.

What are the ingredients in over the counter sleeping pills that contribute to sleep?

  1. It contains melatonin that helps the brain to receive sensory signal and detect darkness or night-time. It, in turn, makes the body fall asleep.
  2. Then these contain valerian roots which reduce nervousness and anxiety. When you have a calm mental state, it is easier for you to fall asleep.
  3. Use of passion flower is an age old secret to sleep. Since 1978, America has used this to get good sleep. Passion flower has a natural sedative effect which again encourages the body sensory nerves to fall asleep.
  4. Chamomile, hops, lemon balm, are other ingredients of over the counter sleeping pills that aid

What makes over the counter sleeping pills best?

There are several reasons to choose OTC sleep aids over other sleep casting drugs on following grounds –

  • No side effect
  • These are herbal hence, you do not have to worry about overdose
  • You can buy them both from medical store and online (though online is more preferred for its perks)
  • People of any age can take these natural sleep remedies

Now that you know that the best sleeping pills are natural, you should opt for a superior brand like Dr Backhaus. This best over the counter sleeping pills will get back your long lost sleep routine with ease.

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