Over the counter sleep aid – prescription or natural?

Sleep is human’s repair mechanism. A deep slumber recovers the day-long wear and tear which our body and mind go through. A person sleeps to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. When this does not happen, he resorts to any over the counter sleep aid to get some desperate sleep.

Although he may sleep well, but unknowingly, it takes a gradual toll on his health. Mentioned below are some adverse effects of prescription drugs and the way they harm your body.

Harmful effects of prescribed drugs

  • Drowsiness

One needs to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours to neutralize the effect of those prescribed sleeping pills. However, in spite of getting the required sleep, you still get drowsy and dizzy in the morning.

Drowsiness during driving is particularly dangerous. It will also affect your performance at the office and your relation with your colleagues. Statistics say that over 60% of people consuming prescription drugs tend to suffer from drowsy and dizziness.

  • You may become addictive

What is worse than chronic insomnia is rebound insomnia. The National Health Department of USA conducted a study. It showed that nearly 35% of adults and 25% of teens could not go to sleep without a pill.  Doctors refer this symptom as rebound insomnia. Such cases require immediate medication.

  • Develop resistance

The strongest over the counter sleeping pills patient’s often complain that their drug has turned ineffective. It is because these over the counter sleep aid products include harmful chemicals. Moreover, the human body develops resistance to anything that has the potential to harm the system.

As a result, sometimes people tend to opt for a drug overdose, and this may prove to be fatal. One should never consume them without expert opinion.

  • Obesity

Since our bodies develop resistance to these pills, after a time they stop working. Rebound insomnia hits hard on such patients. Insomnia leads to poor metabolic rate which in turns causes fat accumulation inside the body. Uncontrolled fat can lead to obesity which has its set of repercussions on humans.

  • Heartburn

Is getting a sound sleep worth the product if you get up in the morning suffering from an acid reflux? The best sleep aid drugs are said to cause GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. This is a chronic form of acidity and can cause heartburn as a serious effect.

  • Cancer and Death

A recent study conducted indicated that over the counter sleep aid products are said to shorten the human lifespan. In addition to that Benzodiazepines used in these medicines can cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

The alternative is an over the counter sleep aid

The above effects do not seem to be at all encouraging to the consumption of natural sleeping pills. Insomnia is an unavoidable circumstance in today’s world. Intense physical and emotional stress is its primary cause.

Therefore, to provide a cure to such problems and to ensure a sound sleep, one should opt for the best over the counter sleep aid. They are available from reliable companies such as Dr Backhaus. These natural sleep remedies are void of the harmful chemicals used by prescribed drugs. They will serve to be your much needed over the counter sleep aid.

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