Melatonin sleep aid tablets and forget about sleepless nights

Have sleepless nights been your best friend since eternity? Do you go to war with yourself every night convincing sleep to come over? If these questions relate to your heart, then you are probably a victim of melatonin deficiency my friend. In simple terms, you can call it insomnia. Lack of melatonin sleep aid is the main cause of insomnia although other reasons may be responsible. These include overuse of caffeine, mental stress at work or emotional stress in your daily life.

Melatonin – Its importance and impacts

Today it is time to focus on this natural hormone of our pineal gland and its importance in the human body.

  1. Sleep and Melatonin

It’s pretty fascinating how your body reacts to sunlight and darkness. Your eyes pick up the transition from day to night and send signals to the brain to start secreting melatonin from your pineal gland. Every hormone has a purpose, and melatonin’s primary function is sleep. As night prevails, your body provides melatonin sleep aid which is at its peak around 10 p.m. and is least during the daytime.

  1. The positive effects of Melatonin sleep aid

In addition to this, melatonin is an antioxidant which promotes cell recovery and boosts our immune system. Its few additional benefits include:

  • Prevents the growth of cancer cells.
  • Minimizes the effects of estrogen on tumor growth.
  • Prevents fibromyalgia.
  • Helps with seasonal affective disorder and depression.

Alarming situations arise when work deprives you of your natural melatonin sleep aids process. This is the leading cause of insomnia. But, no need to worry yet! By identifying the underlying problems, it will allow you to cure your ailments.

Factors leading to low Melatonin

  1. Lack of exposure to sunlight during daytime.
  2. People who predominantly work during night shifts.
  • Stress leading to a lack of sleep.
  1. Increased frequency of travel.
  2. Uncontrolled use of gadgets such as smartphones and computers before sleep.

Treatment and cure

The above scenarios might have helped you by now to determine the underlying cause. However, the levels of melatonin needed to be rejuvenated and one of the most effective ways to do so is by using herbal melatonin sleep aid pills.

Sleeping for 6-8 hours a day is essential if one wants to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. otc sleeping pills use a combination of valerian roots along with extracts of hop and lemon balm. These, when combined with melatonin in your blood, promotes the perfect good night sleep that you require.

A few more relevant approaches to accelerate the melatonin sleep aid process would include turning off the lights before 10 P.M. or reducing your exposure to blue light. The blue light here refers to smartphone, television and computer screens over exposure to which can hinder the natural working of these natural sleeping pills.

Working principle of herbal sleeping tablets

Roots of valeria are known to treat anxiety. In other words, it calms down your nervous system. This, in turn, decreases stress which is an undeniable cause of insomnia. Therefore, these roots compliment the melatonin sleep aid process which not only compensates for the deficit of melatonin in your body but also helps to treat depression and blood pressure.

Therefore, one can say that reliable melatonin sleep aid tablets such as those from Dr Backhaus are natural remedies for insomnia and are crucial in treating insomnia. It is worth remembering that to get the best results, one must follow the above conditions.

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