The best sleep aid — natural sleeping pills or prescribed drugs?

The best sleep aid

The best sleep aid

It’s three a clock in the morning and you are staring at your ceiling thinking about your work and family. Sleep just won’t come. Suddenly you remember a couple of early morning meetings that you need to attend. Therefore, in desperation to sleep you pop in one of those otc sleep aids. To speak the truth, do they provide the best sleep aid?

Well, if this is your daily story then don’t worry my friend, “You are not alone.” Statistics say that between 10 to 40% percent of human beings face this problem of mild to chronic insomnia on a daily basis. An unsatisfactory job environment, a relationship damage or poor health condition may seem to be the apparent cause of sleep disorders but overall, it has no specific reason.

“But…, I never miss out on my sleeping pills. I have them exactly as prescribed by my doctor…”

Well, what if you came to know that it is these prescribed tablets are the ones which are sprouting your insomnia and poor health conditions? But, don’t panic just yet. Problems lead to solutions and for you, these solutions are natural sleeping pills which provide the best sleep aid you have been looking for albeit without the side effects.

Natural sleeping pills vs. prescribed drugs

The sleeping pills that doctors prescribe are usually chemical in composition and have inorganic sedative compounds. These act directly on the brain to induce drowsiness. Insomniac patients usually pop in one of these capsules without knowing the evils it brings along.

However, there are a lot of side effects that come along with these chemical pills including drowsiness, lethargy, dizziness, unusual dreams, change in appetite, problems of attention or memory issues, uncontrollable shaking of body parts, etc. Besides, there can also be other serious problems like blurred vision, nausea, itching, chest pain, rashes, and more. Most important of all, chemical pills are habit-forming; that means every time one has to sleep, one has to consume the capsules.

On the contrary, herbal sleep aid pills come with the all positive effects.

It is not surprising that you are unacquainted with the benefits of sleep aids. Today this article will throw some light on the 4 major benefits of natural sleeping pills that will make you throw away your sleeping drugs out of the window.

Prescribed drugs include Benzodiazepine — a sedative chemical which is used to treat insomnia. Although at first, it may seem to provide you with the best sleep aid, once left; your insomnia can come back in no time.

Natural remedies for insomnia, on the other hand, make use of melatonin. It is the natural hormone secreted by our body after sunset which induces sleep and maintains the sleep-wake cycle of a body. Decreased melatonin causes insomnia, and herbal products compensate this deficit for you.

Additional to Melatonin, herbal sleeping pills have extracts of Valerian root, Hops, Chamomile, Lemon balm and passion flower. All of these have mild sedative properties that help to relax nerves and muscles. Being herbal in nature, these do not leave any ill effect on your body.

Apart from being a cure for insomnia, each of the ingredients has multifarious health benefits:

Valerian root: Eases menstrual cramps; lowers blood pressure; calms anxiety and hysteria; helps in stress management.
Lemon balm: It has powerful inflammatory and antioxidant properties; reduces blood sugar level; protects against heart and liver problems; fights herpes naturally; assists in digestion.
Hops flower: Cures sleep disorders along with restlessness, excitability, nervousness, irritability and Attention Deficit-Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
Chamomile: Helps to boost immunity; lightens skin and acts as an anti-aging agent for skin; treats cold and flu; reduces muscle cramps and menstrual pain.
Passion flower: Reduces insulin level in blood, lowers blood pressure, decreases the effects of menopause like hot flashes and mood swings.

Over the counter sleep aid may be effective, but they cause unknowing addiction. One may feel satisfied with those during the initial days. But, a few weeks with the pills and one cannot sleep without popping in a tablet from that strip.

In this respect, herbal sleep aids definitely provide the best sleep aid. Not only are they effective and lemon balm is completely natural, but your body also does not fall victim to any of the harmful chemicals used in prescribed sleeping drugs.

In fact, you can switch over to herbal OTC sleep supplements for eradicating the habit of popping chemical pills before sleep. These capsules help to naturally induce your slumber, without conditioning your body and mind that this rest of 6–8 hours is impossible without a strong dose of external sedatives!

Mornings may seem drowsy, and eyelids might be dropping in spite being on regular pills. Were hangover, headache and dizziness in your list of items when you opted for a solution to your sleeping problems? This was surely not the best sleep aid you were looking for.

Chemical sleeping pills have high doses of benzodiazepine, antihistamines, and barbiturates. The side effects of these complex chemical compounds show within a month or so. While some have been mentioned above, few others can be the following:

  • Constipation
  • Reduced appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Daytime drowsy feeling
  • Inability to keep balance
  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Lesser level of concentration and decision taking capacities

Solve the above problems once and for all using natural sleep remedies from reliable companies. Since these natural sleep remedies do not use Benzodiazepine or similar chemical products; you are safe from exposure to any foreign substances in your body. Therefore, it relieves you of any side effects caused by prescribed medical sleeping drugs.

Insomnia always comes allied with anxiety and depression. These three are mutually dependent. Lack of sleep causes depression and anxiety, while depression and anxiety can lead to insomnia. That’s the kind of intricate link between these three evils. Prescription sleep medicines only target to relieve you from insomnia, but thanks to its allied evils, it keeps coming back.

However, the scenario is very different in case of natural sleep aids. As you read about the components above, each is meant specifically for relaxation purpose. Thereby, these provide as a permanent cure for insomniac tendencies, inducing sleep in the most natural way.

The best sleep aid an overall summary

Therefore, it is clear that in order to enjoy the best sleep aid, one should definitely opt for natural sleep aids. If you are also experiencing similar sleepless nights, then the best natural sleep aid from Dr Backhaus is your definite answer.